Engine overhaul

•    PW4000-94” All series, Including QEC Boeing, MD11 & Airbus

•    JT8D (all series)



Transportation (AF/KLM/Martin Air Cargo Network)

Worldwide procurement

Customized support


Special projects

By combining our teardown and MRO capabilities and the support of AFI KLM E&M network we can create a wide range of special projects.


Customized work scope

We can provide you with tailor made work scopes. Flexibility is one of our strong points.


With our well experienced Pratt & Whitney & AFI/KLM trained mechanics and AFI/KLM management your engine is in the best hands. We will keep you informed on a weekly basis about the progress and the status of your engine. We are keeping your costs as low as possible by utilizing used material and low handling fees.

Engine Lease

For engine lease we have a full QEC GE 80C2D1F available.


For any information call:


Han Dieke

General Manager

8545 NW 79th Av. Miami, FL 33166


Phone: 305-887-6778

Cell:     305-586-7621

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